What Would Jason Do?

by Jason McPherson

ComicBefore I get a bunch of hate mail from my millions of devoted furry fans, let me remind you that you don't KNOW what my e-mail is, because I'm too lazy to fuck with the "brought to you be Keenspace" thing to add my e-mail in. HAAHAHAHAAHAHAHA suckers. But seriously I know some very nice furries. They're not reprehensible human beings. Well they are which is why I like them but they're not... THOSE furries. You know, the ones who make the awful furry comics I'm parodying today. If you haven't guessed these comics are less an actual "what would I do" than a "point and laugh at the flaws of various things I may or may not actually enjoy. BUT DON'T TELL ANYBODY! THE SECRET MUST DIE WITH US!
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